Web Development

Niels Müller Larsen

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Table of Contents
Intro Stuff
Second Semester, Schedule
Introduction I - Overview
Tools, Installation, etc
I. JavaScript, 1st Semester
1. Intro/Recap, Terminology
2. I/O, Types, and Operators
3. Conditionals
4. Functions
5. Arrays and Maps
6. Iterations - Loops
7. Recursion
8. Document Object Model - I
9. Document Object Model - II
10. JavaScript Objects
11. HTML5 Canvas - Only With JavaScript
12. Animation on the HTML5 Canvas
13. Oh, Just Two More Things
II. JavaScript Frameworks, 2nd Semester
14. Node.js - Intro
15. Node.js and npm - The First Steps
16. Node.js - Handling Requests, and Routing
17. Node.js - Serving Assets, Improved Routing
18. Node.js - Routing Refined. Starting MongoDB
19. Node.js - V, NoSQL Database MongoDB
20. Express I - Basics
21. Express II - MVC and Asynchronicity
22. Express III - Models in MongoDB
23. Express IV - Error Handling, and Practicum
24. Express V - Building and Using an API
III. Development Environments
25. Intro to Development Environments
26. Version Control with Git - I
27. Version Control with Git - II, Groups
28. Version Control with Git - III, Branches
29. WWW Based Development Tools
30. Browser Development Tools - I
31. Browsers Development Tools - II
32. JavaScript Modules in the Web Browser I
33. JavaScript Modules in the Web Browser II
34. SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics I
35. SVG - Scalable Vector Graphics II
36. AJaX and JSON I
37. AJaX and JSON IIA
IV. Data Integration
38. Intro to Data Integration
39. Introduction to XML
40. XML Grammars, DTDs and Schemas
41. XPath and XSLT Transformations
42. XSLT Transformations
43. Client Side Transformations with JavaScript
V. Security
44. Intro to Security
45. Security I. Data Security
46. Security II. Authentication. Access to Application
47. Security III. Authentication Middleware
48. Security IV. Authentication Strategies, OpenID, OAuth, …
49. Security V. Logging and its Meaning
50. Security VI. MongoDB and Injections
A. Model Solutions
Web Programming I, JavaScript
Web Programming II, Node.js
Development Environments
Data Integration
B. Toolchain
Package Managers for Your Operating System
Installing a Web Server
Install Node.js
Install Git, Version Control System
C. Git Workflow
Git for Web Developers and MultiMedia Designers
D. Hashing and Passwords
E. Images with MongoDB and node
Images in MongoDB from Node.js