Multimedia Design Specialization

Niels Müller Larsen

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Table of Contents
Schedule / Study Plan
Introduction I - Overview
Tools, Installation, etc
Introduction II - Development Tools
Git for Web Developers and MultiMedia Designers
Concrete Example
I. Part One - JavaScript
1. JS I - Intro, Terminology
2. JavaScript II - DOM
3. JavaScript III - Functions and Live Coding
4. JavaScript IV - Live Coding cont.
5. JavaScript V - Object Literals and Arrays
6. JavaScript VI - Project Live Scenarios and Local Storage
7. JavaScript VII - Formalities Behind Selections
8. JavaScript VIII - The HTML5 Canvas
9. JavaScript IX - Animation
10. JavaScript - TicTacToe
11. JavaScript XI - Regular Expressions
12. JavaScript - XII Forms Validation
13. JavaScript XIII - Individual Feedback
14. JavaScript XIV - Student Presentations
II. Part Two - Internet of Things
15. Internet of Things I - Whatis, Overview - Online
16. Internet of Things II - Basic Tutorial - Online
17. Internet of Things III - Devices - Online
18. Internet of Things IV - Your Project Ideas
19. Internet of Things IV - A Concrete Example to Inspire Your Own Project
20. Internet of Things V
21. Internet of Things VII - Individual Feedback
22. Internet of Things VIII - Your Presentations
A. Model Solutions
MMD Specialization JavaScript
MMD Specialization IoT
B. Toolchain
Package Managers for Your Operating System
Installing a Web Server
Install Node.js
Install Git, Version Control System
C. Git Workflow
Git for Web Developers and MultiMedia Designers